"Daydream/Nightdream" (a miniature music drama for television) (1968)

"Double-Trouble" (a youth musical)(1974)

"What Does it Matter?"


"Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?" (1979)(Premiered May 1979, Forum Theater, Chicago)

"Get Ready, Eddie!"
"The Greatest Gift"
"Little Fat Girls"
"It's the Nuns"
"Cookie Cutters"
"Private Parts"
"How Far is Too Far?"
"Doo-Waa, Doo-Wee"
"Friends, the Best of"
"Saving Ourselves for Marriage"
"Late Bloomer"
"Thank God"

"Bodyparts" (a cabaret musical)(1988)

"All I Want to Know"

"Funny isn't it"
"Mothers, Mums and Mommies"
"Little Soldiers"
"The Nose"
"Frogs' Legs - Let's Eat!"
"I've Known Some Guys"
"Ain't it Great"
"It's Only After"
"A Cowboy's Dream"
"God's Big Ad-Lib"
"The Answer's Compromise"
"The Puberty Fandango"


"Tale of a Square dance"(a ballet for television)(1963)

"Requiem for a Slave" (an opera-ballet for television)(1965-66)(Emmy Award & Blue Ribbon Citation)(Premiered March 1966-WTTW,Chicago)

"A Clash of Kings" (a ballet for television)(1968)

"Ritual - D" (a TV Ballet for Expanded Jazz Orchestra)(Premiered 1971-WTTW,Chicago)

"Love Theme"

"Street Dancer" (a ballet)(1987)

"Opening Sections"
"Closing Sections"(For Orchestra)
"Love Theme"
"Requiem"(for Piano & Orchestra)

"Jennifers Crossing" (An Opera in Two Acts)(2003)

"In the Midst"

Individual Songs

"The Actor as Waiter"
"All I Ever Wanted"
"After the Song"

"Christmas! Christmas!";
"Don't Go Away"
"Ev'ry Little Bit Helps"
"Fairy Tale"
"Falling In is Easy"
"Funny, Isn't It?"
"Here's to You"
"How Will I Ever Know?"
"Just Because"
"Just an Upbeat Thing"
"Late Bloomer"
"Like the Leaves blown"
"Lonely Me"
"Love in a Lighter Vein"
"Love Pitch"
"Making People Laugh"
"Never Will I Ever"
"No More"
"Oh, So Much"
"Once Again It's Then"
"One Last Time"
"One Thing Left to Ask"
"One Winter's Night"
"Other Windows"
"Please Stay With Me"
"Roxanne's Pavanne"
"Sally Martin"
"Shakespeare! Shakespeare!"
"Song Without Words"
"Sweet Young Doris Polk"
"There Ain't No Time"
"They Say..."
"There Comes a Time"
"This is How I See My Love"
"Torch Song"
with Kat Taylor
"Until the Dawn"
"What does it Matter"
"What's To Lose"
"What to Do"
"When It Comes to Love"
"When the World was Lonely"
"Where Do We Go"
"Where Has It All Gone"
"You to Me"

For Orchestra

"Concerto for Piano & Orchestra"(1957)

"Lament for Orchestra"(1958)

"Variants" for Chamber Orchestra

"Shoes"(a Symphonic Song-Set for Orchestra(1983)

"Rhapsody for Piano & Orchestra" (on a Theme for 'St. X')(1983-84)

"Symphonic Songscape #1"(1985)

"Symphonic Songscape #2(Echo Song)"(for Piano & Orchestra)(1986)

"Symphonic Movement"(1989)

"Revolt in Red"(1957) revised for orchestra as "Revolt: Red-1"(1991)

"Symphony #1"(1990-93)

1. "Allegro"
2. "Blues"
3. "Dance"

"Latin Mass" (in Eight Movements)(1990-91)

1. "Introit"
2. "Kyrie"
3. "Gloria"
4. "Alleluia"
5. "Credo"
6. "Sanctus"
7. "Agnus Dei"
8. "Ite Missa Est"

Songs of Love & Loss"(1992)

1."Never Will I Ever"; 2."Funny,Isn't It?"; 3."Where has It All Gone?"

"Fuzz Piece"(1992)

"Jay's Ladder"(1997-98)

"In Memorium: 263" (for Cello & Orchestra)(1998)

"Reflections All in a Row" (in Four Movements)

1."Voices Past"
2."Distant Dance"

3."A Silhouette Darkly"
4."Tango Late Orleans"

"The Kerouac Suite" (in Five Movements)(2002)

1."Slow Curve for Jack K."
3."On the Road"

5."Nuevo Larado"

"Night Story"(2002)

"The Kids' Suite" (in Thirteen Movements)(2002)

1."A New Day!"
2."Strollin' Along"
3."Hmm? What To Do?"
4."Skippin' Along"
5."Just Lookin' Around"
6."Kids March"
8."Playin' Around"
9."2nd Wind"
10."Hmm?What To Do Next?"
11."Time To Go In For Supper"
12."What a Great Day!"
13."Remembering the Best Parts"

"Journey (for Flute, Clarinet & Orchestra)(2003)"

"Takeoff!" for Jazz Trumpet & Orchestra(2005)

"Symphony #2"(2006-2007

"Winter then Spring"(For Piano & Orchestra)(2008)

For Concert Band


"Sketches from an Altitude"(1955)

"Hymn in Black"(1956)

"Revolt in Red"(See: "Revot: Red-1)(1957)

"Variations" (on a Theme by Alex North)(1957)

"Portrait of the Land" (ABA Ostwald Award Winner)(Premier Performance: March 1958)

"Testament of Battle"(1959)

"Chorale of the Winds"(1960)

"Symphonic Variants"(1960)


"Soliloquy for a Noble One"(1961)


"Other Windows"(1980)

For Chamber Groups

"Prelude to a Dream" for Solo Piano(1954)

"Tale of the Windy Woods"(1957)

"Toccata" for Woodwind Quintet(1962)

"Theme Music" (for Ionesco's 'The Lesson')(1966)

"Theme Music" (for Dwight Stewart's 'The Dance')(1966)

"Theme Music" for TV Series "Humanities Through the Arts"(1976)

"Romantica" for Flute, Oboe & Guitar "Music for String Quartet"(1976)

"Music for String Quartet"(1976)

"Music for brass Trio"(1976)

"3 Musaics for 15 Instruments"(1976)

"Fantasy Song" for Flute & Guitar(1981)

"Simple Song" for Flute & Guitar(1981)

"Arctic Jungle"(1990)

"Christmas! Christmas!" for Soprano & Instrumental Quartet(1994)

"Xmas Child" for Flute, Oboe, Guitar & Vibes(1994)

"The Woman at the Washington Zoo" for Soprano, Flute & Strings(1994)

"SemiBitterSuite" (in Three Movements)(1995)



"Diety" for Soprano, Alto Flute & Prepared Tape(2002)

"SongSet for Two Guitars" (2009)

1."Sally Martin"; 2."A Theme Remembered"; 3."Never-Revisited"; 4."Twilight"

For Chorus

"cummings & goings" for Mixed Choir & Piano (2004-5)

1."a wind has blown"; 2."in Spring comes"; 3."maggie and millie and mollie and may"; 4."in Just - spring"; 5."in time of daffodils"


"Pastel Blues" (1953)

"Theme from Exhaustion" (1958)

"Spanish Child" (1965-66)

"Until the Dawn" for Small Jazz Group with Vocalist (1976)

Theme for "JazzTrek" (radio series) WBEZ,Chicago (1978)

"Point of Departure" for Small Jazz Group(1996)

"Monk Cell" (1996)

"No More" for Small Jazz Group (1996)

"The Coldest Thing" for Small Jazz group with Vocalist (1996)

"Points of Departure" (1996-97)

"SongNoir" (1996-97)

"SpringSprung" (1996-97)

"The Call" (with Mezzo-Soprano) (1996-97)

"Once Again Then" (with Mezzo-Soprano) (1996-97)

"Blues Lost & Found" (1998)

"Suite for Stuart D." (in Seven Movements) (2002)

1."OHW! at San Pao"
3."Something on the Eight Ball"
4."Rapt at Rappaport's"
5."Package Deal"
6."For Internal Use Only"; 7."Unfinished Business"

"Quantum Miles"(2002)


Closing Section

Opening Sections

Spirit Past